Office Hours: Ask Your Questions about Remote Working, WordPress, Websites, Business, Tech, and more

It’s a free-for-all for questions, right here in the comments! This is something I’ve done on Twitter, I often do it here with Ask Me / a Geek, and I used to do on my food & travel site back in the day.

Ask your questions in the comments about: running/starting a business, personal branding, public speaking, websites, WordPress, working remotely, finances, marketing, technology, etc. The more specific your question, the better 🙂 I’m also happy to take a look at your site and give you one piece of advice to change/improve it!

Here’s a good primer on How to Ask for Help and Get an Answer If you’re new here, please feel free to delve into my archives first, I’ve answered a lot of questions in the past.

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  1. Hello Sara,
    i don’t know if is right to ask the question here, but i would like to know how to apply for a remote working company.
    I have a large experience in IT, programming and databases and I am available to learn, and I’m sure I can easily succeed, new knowledge.
    Excuse me in the case the question isn’t appropriate.


    • Great question! I try to keep it really minimal (and chatted a little bit about this in my lessons working remotely) but looks like I’ll need to do a new “What’s in My Bag?” post 🙂

      Briefly, it’s pretty much the same:
      – Laptop + iPhone + chargers
      – a 3M laptop privacy screen because I hate people looking at my screen on a plane, in a coffee shop, or anywhere else
      – a Moleskine for notes + a favorite pen (a few of them)
      – headphones that have a microphone for calls
      – my glasses because I can’t work for more than 15 minutes on a computer without them
      – a Jetpack battery pack to charge up my iPhone / Fitbit
      – cables + a little cable-keeper pouch to organize them
      – and optionally my backup drive + iPad mini
      – Dropbox / GDrive for backing up all the things!

      Plus a few more treats / fun things I’ll have to put into their own post which I carry with me but aren’t super integral for day-to-day work.

      • Thanks! Really minimal as opposed to Matt backpack 🙂
        What kind of MacBook are you currently using? MBP 15 or MBA 13?

      • @Marcin I definitely have more things in my bag, they’re just not super essential to my work every day 🙂 I use a MBP 13″.

  2. As a woman I’m sure that you’ve got more things in your bag that I can’t even imagine 🙂
    Do you keep the privacy filter always on the laptop or you use it when needed? In the second case – is enough durable for such a use? I wanted to buy it, but sometimes I have to present directly from my MacBook to the client so I’ll need to regularly put it off

  3. One more thing – you don’t have a typical managerial structure in Automattic. You hire mostly either developers or support people. How to apply for more Product management position? Do you promote such positions internally from current people?
    What can you advise to a person that understands technology, has run a bunch of software companies and is capable of managing products from A to Z – in terms of applying to Automattic?

    • > How to apply for more Product management position?

      We sometimes hire for these types of positions, but it’s not a role we keep open like many of our positions. Follow @Automattic on Twitter for news of any other openings and keep an eye on 🙂

      Also, I would definitely say it’s worth sending in an application that’s well thought-out and highlights how / where you could contribute even if that specific position isn’t listed, but please keep in mind it may not result in an interview / job, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

  4. @Sara – thanks for all the answers to my question storm. Waiting for your updated “What’s in my backpack” post 😉

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