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To save us both some time:

  • I do not participate in paid links, text advertising or link exchanges.
  • I’m not currently looking for guest blog posts.

For questions and inquiries:

  • If you have an Ask a Geek question, make sure I haven’t already answered it in my Ask a Geek category.
  • Check my archives to see if I’ve already answered your question, or search my site.
  • Ask away! I can’t answer every email I receive, but I’ll try.

For promotions and products:

I welcome review copies, products & samples, but I reserve the right to post or to not post about the place and/or product. I won’t promise a post in exchange for a free sample or product. I reserve the right to state my opinion, whether good or bad, about the place and/or product, online or offline. Companies or PR agencies, you are welcome to contact me – I encourage and applaud transparency as much as possible, and will disclose free products and/or other compensation to my readers, too.

Note: In case it’s not clear, I physically live in Italy so samples and products will have to be sent to Italy. I get back to the US a few times a year, so it’s possible I can arrange a delivery to a U.S. address if the product isn’t time sensitive – so get in touch! 

Please note that while I prefer to be contacted via the form below for When I Have Time, you can also find a contact email address for me on my hub site.

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