Getting started with self-publishing: ebooks

I spent some time reformatting a post of mine (on my food & travel site) about How to Order an Italian Coffee to be ready for the Amazon Kindle platform. In addition to formatting it for publication, I spent some time adding & expanding content and updating & adding new photos.

It was a great experiment and I’m really pleased with the results. Soon I’ll share what I learned on the technology side, but for now I’m just enjoying seeing it for sale online.

If you want to check it out, you don’t need to have a Kindle to read it! Here are links to the (free) Amazon Kindle App software for Android phoneBlackberryiPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac or a PC. After you download and install the Kindle App software, you can buy the book and read it on your device!

How to Order an Italian Coffee in Italy by Sara Rosso

Buy How to Order an Italian Coffee in Italy in your Amazon store! (note: the content is in English regardless of the Amazon store you buy it from):


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