Wunderlist: A To-do List app you can use everywhere

I love lists. I organize my productivity with To-do lists, I write Life Lists to keep those life goals in mind, and I dump my creative ideas out into Tickler lists, too.

I used to be a die-hard Remember the Milk fan. Then I discovered Wunderlist.

What do I love about it?

  • It’s everywhere I want to be. Check it out below: for your Desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android…there’s even a web version if I’m not near one of my devices.
  • A neat and clean interface keeps me calm. I haven’t even changed the default wood background because it reminds me of a clean desk.
  • Did you see I said desktop app? My browsers are such RAM hogs, I love not having to use my browser when I’m working from home and also keeping my lists available for those offline productivity sprints, too.
  • It syncs, syncs, syncs. No matter what device I pick up (Android phone, iPad, computer) my lists are in sync.
  • Some great drag & drop organization and quick views for upcoming deadlines.

What I hope to see in a future release:

Not too many criticisms here – I like the clean interface, the search capability, the print tasks, and unlimited lists and syncing. But one thing I’d really like to see is smart recognition of dates in the text (instead of manually selecting deadlines) and being able to set recurring events – pretty much my only gripe, and not that big of one!

Check out Wunderlist.

Disclosure: I’m not being compensated in any way for the thoughts and opinions in this post.


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