Quick Bytes: Building America’s Most Innovative Brands

This is the first in a series of quick posts about content or ideas I’m finding online and offline dealing with technology, branding, marketing or entrepreneurship called Quick Bytes! Enjoy.

Great interview on Inc with Nancy Koehn from Harvard Business School about building innovative brands.

Some of the points I appreciated in this article were the misconceptions about leadership which she addresses really nicely:

  • leaders are made, not born
  • engagement is more important than plain charisma
  • it takes a lot of effort, it’s not on cruise control

And two other critical points for me – the importance of the marketer’s role (influence / persuasion / storytelling) as a driver for an idea/business’ success, and how the strengths of women can be used as assets in the managerial world.

It doesn’t get really into detail about innovation but focuses on the stories behind the individuals driving these famous brands and is worth a read.

I think leadership is a skill that must be practiced and refined just like playing the piano, learning a language, or doing long division. Practice and repeat.

Read more at Inc: Building America’s Most Innovative Brands.


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