Awesome site designs with Custom CSS

I showcase some of the websites I’ve seen on that have made their sites beautiful using one of the default themes as a base and customizing the site with just the Custom CSS upgrade


Writers: Images on the Internet are not your ClipArt Gallery

Writers, the Internet and its images are not your ClipArt gallery. There is a percentage of people who still don’t get words like “copyright” and “Creative Commons,” – here are some tips for correctly finding and utilizing photos in your content.

How to Install and Try WordPress on your Home Computer

If you’ve never used WordPress or even the free / hosted version on, you might have no idea what it really means to “be on WordPress” – how the interface works, what you’ll need to do with your server, and if you’re really going to like it. Luckily, there’s a way you can play with WordPress on your own computer, without having to buy or commit to anything!