5 Food and Cooking Audio Podcasts for Food Lovers

New to Podcasts? Read the When I Have Time Guide to Podcasts! I love food and I love cooking! I even have a food and travel blog at Ms. Adventures in Italy. I often turn to podcasts for some inspiration and to hear about the latest in the cooking and food worlds. Here are some of my favorite audio podcasts for food and cooking lovers.

Splendid Table podcast1. APM: The Splendid Table

From the same network that brings you A Prarie Home Companion, Lynne Rossetto Kasper is the host for this weekly culinary show for “People who love to eat.” Much more than that, it delves into single subjects and trends mixed with recipes. Lynne is an excellent host who takes calls from listeners in the latter part of the podcast.

2. KCRW Good Food

Evan Kleiman is such a great host and it’s hard to remember that she’s also a cook! And it’s this expertise that shines through the podcast, as it is organized very well and has a mix of new and regularly-occurring features like visiting the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and learning how to use in-season fruits and vegetables. Her guests are a mix of experts (chefs and scientists) and bloggers who are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject.

npr_food_image_75 3. NPR Food Podcast

Not a podcast program per se, NPR picks a selection of health/food-related stories from various NPR shows: “Recipes, interviews and the story behind your favorite foods from Morning Edition, All Things Considered and other award-winning NPR programs.”

Remarkable Palate Podcast4. ReMARKable Palate

A mixture of video and audio podcasts by personal chef Mark Tafoya, a “Food and Culture Podcast” including on-location and guest interviews with other chefs, farmers and suppliers in the food chain.

NPR Kitchen Window Podcast5. NPR Kitchen Window

As a complement to their written articles, NPR Kitchen Window speaks with their authors (who are often bloggers) about particular topics and issues they have covered online.

Honorable Mention:

Bon Apetit Podcast

bonapeThough it had a lot of potential, Bon Apetit’s podcast hasn’t been updated since mid-2008. But, you can get access to their archives online. Link to BA Podcast site.

Is there an audio podcast that should have made this list? Have your say in the comments!

Image by Steve Wampler

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