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Sara Rosso

Tech-lover and digital strategist. Works @Automattic/@WordPressdotcom. @NutellaDay founder.

The Life List: Why to Have One, How to Create One

Also known as The “Stuff I Want to Do Before I Die” List. A Life List. Some may call it a Bucket List, but my List has been around since before the movie. Tips and examples for creating your own Life List full of goals and dreams!


Big in Small Tech Correspondent: Me

I spent January at Suzuki Europe’s Big in Small website as their technology correspondent – here are those articles.

Save the World with your PC: Distributed Computing at Home

Distributed computing is when many computers work together to resolve difficult problems or calculations, becoming a sort of virtual supercomputer. These projects are organized and managed all over the world by scientists, mathematicians and professors, but even you can contribute directly to their success!