5 Food and Cooking Audio Podcasts for Food Lovers

New to Podcasts? Read the When I Have Time Guide to Podcasts! I love food and I love cooking! I even have a food and travel blog at Ms. Adventures in Italy. I often turn to podcasts for some inspiration and to hear about the latest in the cooking and food worlds. Here are some of my favorite audio podcasts for food and cooking lovers. 1. APM: The Splendid Table From the same network that brings you A Prarie Home Companion, Lynne […]

5 Free Audio Podcasts for Everyday Listening

Since I am spending 90-120 minutes every day in public transportation, and not able to read, I found myself really wanting to give my brain something to do. Podcasts were the perfect solution. But you don’t have to be a public transportation commuter to love and listen to podcasts! Read {WHT: A Guide to Podcasts} 1. Fresh Air (NPR) The strong point of this podcast is really the host, Terry Gross. She has such an easygoing demeanor that during her interviews she […]


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