Where to Buy and Find Free Ebooks, and Learning Resources

freeThe third part in the series A Guide to Ebooks series for Read an Ebook Week.

Part 1: What are ebooks? Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Books

  • What are eBooks?
  • Why aren’t eBooks more popular? Tactile Loss and the eBabel problem
  • ebooks are Great! Here’s Why

Part 2: How to Read an ebook: Formats, Devices, Dedicated Readers and Applications

  • eBook Formats
  • How to Read an eBook: Devices and dedicated eBook readers
  • Applications to read eBooks on the iPhone / iTouch

Part 3: Where to Buy and Find Free Ebooks, and Learning Resources

Where to Find and Buy Ebooks

Intersted in finding popular, rare and current books? You have a lot of choice, and it’s growing every day. For more information on each of these formats, make sure you read How to Read an ebook: Formats, Devices, Dedicated Readers and Applications

Where to Find Free Ebooks

There are several places to find free books which can be downloaded in various formats and converted if necessary. Many of them will be “the classics” – books that are in public domain, but converted and released in different formats.

  • Project Gutenberg mentioned above is a great site with more than 27,000 books available in the public domain. Classics from Austen, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, even the Kama Sutra!
  • ManyBooks.net – 23,000+ books, and they’re all free! Multiple formats available for download.
  • FeedBooks.com – more free books, compatible with most mobile devices and Kindle / Sony / iPhone, it supports the EPUB format.
  • Google Book Search – use “Advanced Book Search” and select “Full view only” for some creative commons / public domain books.
  • Free Kindle format books – a great list of free Kindle format books from Kindle 2, Kindle Books Reader 2.0 – Amazon Kindle 2 Review
  • Kindle Formatting is offering a few free books during Read an Ebook Week.
  • Suvudu – a new science fiction portal Suvudu from Random House which has monthly free books to download. You can sign up for their newsletter to get notified when new titles are available.
  • Girlebook.com – “free ebooks by the gals” –  classics and titles by lesser-known female authors, all free.
  • F+W Media offers some free ebooks to those that sign up for their newsletter.

Learning Resources

Still want to know more about eBooks? Here are some resources to continue your quest. Send me your questions as well via my Contact Page.

What doubts or questions do you have regarding electronic books? Leave them in the comments, or send it to me via Ask the Geek.

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Three Open Source E-book Readers Worth a Look

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  1. Also for young children try wizz-e – interactive picture books that read along to the story with audio and highlighting words, click on a word to hear it spoken, animated illustrations – 2 free to download and more to buy. [shameless plug]

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